from Cosmos by Andrew Huang



yeah, now i’ve seen behind the curtain
seen in the mirror i’m more animal than person
certain i’m dealing hurt with no attrition
repeat the same mistakes but always wishing i was different
and i hit it hard, that rock bottom
that lost cause with that trough softened
that broad got him
that job propping
that jaw dropping
i stop talking
i’m caught
i try to give them something real
now we’re dealing with the way i really feel

i try to give them something real
all they wanna tell me is i’m so far away from healed
shining bright despite all this artificial light
i'm holed up in this night
hold up, how'd you think i write
so boxed in
i can't move
i can't breathe
i can't hear
i can't see
i can't speak my mind
this time, i do it differently
because evidently it's a spirit can't be crushed
and there's still a few people who believe

always looking for another pair of eyes
i know myselves
i know that i don’t know where to find that real heart, tin man
where to start, to begin again
i justify this rust of lies
i’m crushed and trying to move, scared to part
scared to death i’m losing it
more kinds of vices, i’m using it
all my devices profuse
with shit that i can’t wrap up and refuse to quit
make mad passes, slash gashes
bat masterfully, 4 hon average
ty cobb on a wax planet
i drop dry gobs of it off atlantis
underwater, no disadvantage
that’s underground, with more apparatus
so i can breathe in the coldest blackness
major leagues, i swim with blackfish
mvp - most vast practice
true perception, i’m done asking
for the cognizants, i cut classics
stay real, fuck status


from Cosmos, released September 15, 2015


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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