by Andrew Huang

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Churches 01:10
Jazz 01:40
step up to the plate get up, get on, get back zen on the mind seven pounds on the neckstrap in his mouth: a horn and a winning smile it's been a while now it's every sunday the after dinner crowd they took the smoke out of the clubs but the jazz is still smoking echoes of the notes that we don't bring the baritone's in the terror zone hot like arizone, never going there alone here come hits from kicks and spun sticks hitting the skins of that drum kit i'm on the upright stuck like the tree i was cut from but neither of us cared, we love life it's resin or resonance it's syrup or blood it's the spark that my heart pumps hear it, you're done i'm the miracle son maybe without the appearance of one spirit of sung flames lyrical guns blaze a spear of a tongue theatre lungs raze but stay unpraised i'm nearly in unknown territories and charting a course a history of standards i'm starting to torch light it up, light it up yeah, yeah ‘cause i walk with with some definite hulk couple fingers on the neck, might be checking a pulse chromatic addict, not the serum but the step that i gulp hearing this value village vinyl, you could get it in bulk and as the lead lines rise like a vapor of gold i find eyes in the crowd and take hold i’m with the belle of the ball ‘cause she knows that this is real music the geometry of the soul baby!
The Sound 01:30
yes i walk with a definite lilt bass line come to bring enough pressure to tilt always sitting in the groove, in the pocket like bills i’ll be six feet under one day, i’m stepping until and until then i’m chasing and i’m catching a thrill they’ll be telling you the way that he kept it was real swept it, looking at the scorecard, it's seven to nil waiting for that bank account to hit eleventy mil the sound pulled me up and it was all i could be the muse lit my sky up and she tore up the seams the girl came from heaven and she took all my dreams the sound pulled me up and it was all i could be now i dream about living in only rhythm lonely position don’t even phone up to listen music a prison nothing but echoing prisms nothing but sonics to give them 24/7 on chops the space between chords the place where i meet my creator i live with these thoughts can’t live with these thoughts i’m hurtling out into danger
Nebulae 01:49
playing with fire, had to stop playing with smoke playing the wrong crowds, these kids can’t take a joke and it’s funny ‘cause i started as the class clown will the real andrew please sit back down every story is universal but gets contaminated with rehearsal nothing’s down to earth now, it’s too commercial i’m trying to make that space music - willy herschel messier than nebulae with messier a steady spray to get me paid everyday ‘cause now we’ve figured out the way that we live and that it doesn’t have to be something that you agree with no secret, spit it hotter the egypt without a peer amid scenes i’m rocking to pieces more or less i’m orderless wander in this foreign mist passport stamps like christmas tree ornaments no line in the sand, yes, i’m borderless finding new land, lashing braids on these tortoises gorging on it all now i can afford to live no complaining, champagne, negronis and orange twists sure to miss normcore no matter what the decorum is always shapeshifting, i’m on this transformer shit soundwaves blast from my tape cassette heart been holding down record since the start
Starscream 00:45
now i never tried much to be a lesser size but since 25 i can sure testify it’s hard to stay slim without some exercise but gym membership’s costly i guess if i walk instead of drive i’m off to a good start speed it up to a jog, you want a good heart and i try to stay cautious with my sauces i don’t even get close to these pastas eating organic, please don’t look at what the cost is i’m trimming inches and i’m cutting losses you know it hurts, dinner with no dessert and a bag lunch every day i go to work watching all my portions and in yoga class doing these contortions twice a week, maybe more since i’m getting addicted to endorphins and expensive lotions for dealing with my poor skin and a loofah, gotta exfoliate gotta detox, last week i only ate kale and flaxseeds don’t ask me, it was on a blog so it’s not a fraud, it can’t be i stack these recipes for quinoa and snap peas this is low-sodium, but is it fat-free? now i’m running more than your whole track meet got a tandem bike, weights in the back seat and it’s like i’ll be so lean with protein i’m happy with turkey and egg whites only and what’s that? is that meat? no, dude, it’s tofu, it’s soybeans i go through like a pack a day with some garlic, i’ve got enzymes to activate so true, follow that up with some juicing and don’t ever touch gluten! it’s so hard to leave behind the hooch is it even too much when i’m hitting the kombuch? i’m so stressed taking care of myself but it’s all for the good of my health right?
007 01:41
i do it like bond 007 killing villains from across the pond i’m on her majesty’s secret service license to kill these evil persons step to me, i am not the rookie slay eight weak cats - octopussy but you know i never mean to disrespect her treat a lady right, diamonds are forever forever ever? fly her to the moon, rake her in like chips at the casino royale ’til we’re meeting with our lips the spy who loved me was fierce but not the only one my doctor knows just where i’m coming from, rush you with love nothing’s enough for the man with the golden gun the world is not enough, and i won’t just lie not a bystander, i aim with a goldeneye, blaow hold triggers with a goldfinger go big or go home, so i go bigger coming with a sound like thunder, balling like a boss you can see the sky falling when i drop these ill broadcasts, for your eyes only a view to a killer verse on your video screen flaunt it while i contemplate a quantum of solace, if you live and let die - you’ll be due condolences i’m throwing down the gauntlet, double down or fold because you only live twice - YOLT yesterday’s gone, but i took my chance to own it tomorrow never dies, but we only ever have the present moment the living day lights up with the sunrise never say never again, don’t let the drums die another day comes fast, then it’s flames that’s why i move quick like james
Bounce Fill 00:45
Swerve 02:18
i got lean i got slur coming to careen i got blur not a baller but i throw curve 'cause i got tilt yeah you know i got swerve i got lean i got slur coming to careen i got nerve not a baller but i throw curve 'cause i got tilt yeah you know i got swerve i've been the student, now i'm the sensei and i don't care what your friends say 'cause my beats bang and my pen pays and i'm partying on a wednesday and our drinks leave rings on the table like oh oh add more zeroes on your quote though 'cause i got a lot i want to do, gotta go go how to stop? that's the only thing i don't know whether i flow so quick synonym cinnamon spitting at any quotidian idiot’s dis or if it’s slow mo, roadshow bouncing like a pogo stick ‘em with a bullet time flow, let me loose that produce that groove, that doo-dat doo-dat dat skewed rap, rare samples too stacked music geek championship - top cusack i’m so lean i got lean i got slur coming to careen i got blur not a baller but i throw curve 'cause i got tilt yeah you know i got swerve i got lean i got slur coming to careen i got nerve not a baller but i throw curve 'cause i got tilt yes you know i got swerve i’m slurring when i’m wining with these spin docs curving when they’re blowing up my inbox gattle to a flintlock, staying in trouble bubbles and maybe a couple of jameson doubles, it's intox the way i’m in it, i’m addicted swagger from a swig of idioms and diction spill it all over the track and then i mix it when i dip you dip we dip it like a biscuit tilt shift, focus swerve with the wolves, i’m ferocious these folks can’t handle, it’s bogus forget a horn, drink a magnum opus little tots still swill with the soda pop listened to the lil lils til we opened shop now nobody can compete how we go to rock screens to stages, outrageous
Unswingable 01:00
Holiday 02:03
welcome aboard the hms majesty ship where the drinks are free and the sails are made of cotton candy we're going to be taking you to some of the most exotic known places in the world so relax, enjoy, and don't forget to buy a raffle ticket in the parlor come away with me on an island cruise have a glass of wine and take in the view overwhelmed at the helm, now take you to another realm that you've never seen before at the bow i'll take a bow and turn that eeyore frown upside down, be sure persuade a mermaid to leave her day at the parade and take a quick detour now, normally, she sells seashells by the sea shore but today we're on the lookout for sharks seamen see many, but do you see any? i heard around these parts there must be plenty take my hand, and a sword if we don't get one, we're not welcome back on board at the bottom of the sea float with me
5 Star Life 03:30
and we say fuck the who you know just fuck around until they know you 'til they wanna throw more money just so they can hold you nah, i'd rather stay in seoul, drink this soju nomadic addict, i've had it, and man it's so true they wanna own you, don't answer 'til you want to or maybe ’til you've got to dealing with some wild animals, man, no zoo whole coop got me feeling like mugatu daily grind, carpe diem don’t waste my time with your dm's ‘cause ’til i hit the lion screen - mgm i’m in the hills with coders with a taste for mdm, eh i’m redefining prolific and i’m broadening diverse and according to my analytics the flyest since icarus when i'm kicking a verse top of the world, touching the sky that’s how i know i’m alive late to bed, early to rise that’s how i made it to ★★★★★ life god is music, the temple is my laptop though if i'm honest i won't ever let these stacks stop like the abbott on the coal except i only want the truth, get the facts hot vending machine life button pusher getting anything he likes sending transmissions for a penny and again he's in the plenty, spending yen into the night ooh la la, what's it to ya i put the boo-ya in shibuya all these tokyo lights and my flow so tight you know they both glow bright do it for the love, and i do it for the suture and when i give love, give it any way it suits her taking all these bullet trains i'm headed to the future top of the world, touching the sky that’s how i know i’m alive late to bed, early to rise that’s how i made it to ★★★★★ life paint the whole picture i don't need these 50/50s hit these new cities and i bring the business with me living to the fullest, well, i'm killing that ‘cause if you win the rat race, well, you're still a rat they keep telling me to stack that paycheck but i would rather just backpack eurasia i've got dreams in my pockets and a heart full of songs i think that i could go more wrong, come on
Find Me 00:39
you can find me in the club
Barcelona 00:35
i’ve been walking this gothic quarter my dough staked to this, lots to order that obvious foreigner but i’m nowhere close to ready to just cross the border i’m planted give me a pint with my pintxos top em off with herb butter and gingko a little mayo on the side, like it’s cinco and the chips add up quick - plinko breathe these smoky vines by the windows ’til i go home to line up my synchros meditating on the message in me to send the potential of a pen and where the ink goes
Sugar 01:28
we all build on the backs of wars i got mine and you got yours reunited with the slain giants david and goliath healing, but at the same time it’s too much to take the pain, hide it and anyway i’d rather stay private my whole mind divided knowing i couldn’t care less but everyday try it veins drying from mainlining that sugar cane trying to maintain higher than any plane pilot couldn’t believe he was the same guy that always provided knew how to stay quiet couldn’t not believe but built a shrine to a vapor until he found the sugar in some wine and a wafer sugar, sweeter sugar only makes you ache more after sugar, sweeter sugar only makes you pine more after sugar, sweeter sugar only makes you lust more after sugar, sweeter sugar
Cooped Up 01:35
he's cooped up again, making tracks rhythm is the only escape with him but listen to it, maxed out volume he's visiting back teen years in a prison so deliciously lax i've been here watching as his body withers and frays as if his skin's wishing, reminiscing physically a bit underweight living today with no vision of slipping away bitter to taste, it's the robot shot he downs like it's just the chase every day a hot new mix in the place i can face the closeness but what translates waste approaches hiding 'hind the the music is just plain psychosis don't ask me how i know this something to do with the way i learn through osmosis dreaming he could be the perfect host to your hostess he's split a number of ways one bloody drug'll have him coming for days somebody say something alright man, so let's go with the dextro but please, remember to just breathe and flex those sobreity muscles like more oft than not the hustle is a job for nighthawks who thrive in tight spots his light darkness is a mic rocked
Lathe Cut 01:39
For The Love 02:52
i pull sixteen hour days power plays way past that powder phase drop nasty cuts all around the place but still no time for a shower and shave you worry about how you're praised i'm just trying to make a crowd bounce and blaze i do it for the love, so it's ok yeah i do it for the love, so i'm ok how much more poetry can i pack in my brain a thousand joints and every track is insane touch down two days and i'm back on the plane and i can only count two stacks to my name? guess i don't want a bank to be congested keep connected, i re-invest it i see my best in ten years and i'm patient chasing pace and i'm laying a foundation do it for the love, so it's ok yeah i do it for the love, so i'm ok i do it for the love, so it's ok yeah i do it for the love, so i'm ok so good it hurts, i put in work mid name, big game well i couldn't be first i don't have time for this promo, i'm solo other rhymers go slow-mo shine, no fomo klein, no logo prime designed flows, it's dimes to download those now i've been getting off at pape and i've been starting to get some paper and i think it might be late but i'll figure this out later ‘cause it’s ok i do it for the love, so i'm ok i do it for the love, so it's ok yeah i do it for the love, so i'm ok bounce, higher than an ounce might be dropping jewels but i’m picking up the crowns pounce, wrestle cats to the ground, down for the count yeah i might be losing air but i’m scaling every mount and where the bottom feeders are i still keep the heart ‘cause you can still look up and marvel when you see the stars peter park - on the web with a secret art i’m shining on the track like a sleeper car but i never wanna rest i rep toronto west i rep toronto east i step to quantum beats i never wanna rest no i never wanna sleep tumble 'round late freestyling on a tweet liner notes - read it? one name in the credits
Vacation 01:49
you know we do it like this light shirt, pale ale, summer breeze, so crisp and you know the drink ain’t the only thing with a little twist eyes wide open looking for a different kind of bliss living the dream, giving the routine the slip with my queen is this the real life, is this just fantasy we're all right memory of a work week got me feeling like you’ll be feeling so free when your time is up sip a little bit of tea from this china cup you’re with your girl and she’s tryna tryna what? i never had a problem unwinding a bit wine in me and i never whine anymore i’m thinking why not let the old ambitions fade i’m in a haze thinking this is straight tops it’s a different day this maze doesn’t have me caught when i’m on the water, cooling off in the paddleboat pretending it’s a yacht surfboard, surfboard that’s no kind of metaphor i just appreciate a little water sport like ahhhhh let’s go! amped up, we're screwing with the arrangement work hard and i’m losing all my patience the paycheque’s not worth this insane shit i push paper, now why i gotta chase it? work hard play hard reputation everybody needs their own motivation everybody take a little vacation i’ll be bringing all my friends in this spaceship
Single 01:43
this one's about my affinity for the divinity of femininity feels like an infinity though if a lady just wants a man to whip i'm like "abandon ship!" i'm a little more into companionship it’s usually a dud scene i'm kind of above it, or maybe it's above me still i want girl sweeter than a chutney and how am i going to find her if i don't just cut free let’s play that game i feel ready to go mmm but i might be rusty, definitely scruffy could i pull it off like a timberlake or buckley? timid and old, no aldous huxley got a heart of gold but gold diggers won't touch me no deals to seal, feels like nobody knows what to feel sometimes the only thing that seems to be real about love is the idea of the ideal right? what’s up with that? is she going or is she coming back? can we just get on the same level? so what you want? i don't know but these movies and dinners are pinching up my dough and i’m not sure if we should take it fast or slow so we end up at the doorstep like "sooo..." without knowing her expectations it's hard i didn't think i was gonna make it to this part i'm on the lookout for signals trying to read her like a book but i'm more used to kindles my lips tingle, did her eyes twinkle can i picture us growing old and wrinkled things were so simple before we mingled if you liked it then you should have stayed single
Tropical 00:41
Did I? 01:29


I spent a few weeks in Spain and fell in love with, among many other wonders, pintxos - a type of bar snack that might feature anything from seasoned mushrooms to chicken gizzards but is always skewered to a small piece of bread. The romantic bar atmosphere over there probably didn't hurt either.

I started to draw a parallel between these dishes and this collection of tracks I've been working on for several years. Most of them clocking in under 2 minutes, they are bite-size slices of many different flavors, but all grounded in a framework of hip-hop beats. Built mostly on vinyl and VHS samples, this album is sometimes playful and sometimes hard-hitting, but never sits still. Put it on and enjoy a 24-course meal of drums and dusty record grooves.


released November 30, 2015

Written, recorded, and produced by Andrew Huang.

"Holiday" and "Vacation" produced by Brent Petrie.


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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