by Andrew Huang

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Betelgeuse 03:11
i’m a cannonball, neanderthal in camouflage, on adderall make the room bounce like it’s racquetball make a racket, y’all, i’m coming back to drawl a brain in the bathtub preserve it by splashing some alcohol the rest of me’s left in this padded stall ‘cause i’m going, i’m over niagara falls my caterwaul reaching the ether blues then peacing and resting in betelgeuse i’m riding this hypervelocity star i don’t know what you regular people do step into my office, it’s an ocean view fitted with rockets i’ll go to the top but who knows for how long if i just keep knocking myself off it i live in my own shadow fighting a palace the size of cloud and making your bones rattle gripping the system and riding it loud it’s villainous how i’m killing this the illest - do your due diligence my voice in the mix like a wolf tearing the throat out these novice ventriloquists i’m doing this like i’m trying to get sick of it and i’m not even a little bit i’m the dissonance in your unwillingness ’til i finish it, doing this ’til there’s just no more no word, no sound, no style until then, every single last one of you knows that i’m amping to go wild still repping toronto a link in the chain but almost beyond those ‘cause i’m trying to elevate all of us up to the cosmos i don’t network, but i get work i take work, i can make work and i play first, and i don’t need nods from venomous girls in their fake fur i’m taking you all the way saying what you don’t have balls to say guess as a feminist i'll have to say i’m saying what you don’t have vag to say we live in a backwards age some people can’t even get past the name well if i get higher than highnesses you can just call me your majesty where my kings and my queens your crowns, bring them to me got you in a scaffold to a black hole yes i’m bringing you deep ’til you wake and everything was a dream ’til you turn into something with some meaning tearing the fabric of all your reality better do more than just cling to the seams eye of the needle we’ve been painting this parable up on your easel preach to the people, it’s easy to turn mediocre to evil so fast, so cinch, so close, so vile so i go hard, go real, go far, go wild
Big Box 03:48
you’re shopping in a big box you're living in a big box and it’s all wrapped up in big chains connected to big locks and you wanna wear big chains scared of anybody with big locks downing those big macs no room to think big thoughts and you go to that big church 'cause your soul'll need a lot of saving and you go to that big work still don't have a lot of savings 'cause you bought that big house, that big car, that big tv full of big people saying don't dream big just buy this shit and think just like me and they didn't give you much of an escape route big maze in a vault, can't skate out streets wind like veins but there's no life laying around they took the heart and the brain out a real queen will never be queen bee need to represent the average in equality but the average’ll never be in a queen’s presence never be royals but we'll never be peasants packaged life, shrink wrap, handed down i don’t belong here, man, what music is therapy, shrink rap but the 9 to 5 your stainless steel handcuffs wrist wrapped in climactic chrome the bottom’s thin but it never falls out not all immune to that tragic zone but a recession hits and still the balls bounce can’t climb to the top so we topped out in the exact middle of every graph but on the weekend we still get the amperage blown and take the privilege from birth cert to epitaph i'm writing this verse on a thousand dollar phone while i'm sitting on the can in a plane and i'm picturing the youtube clip and the fact that this shit’s gonna get me paid are those laurels that i’m sitting on? might be but i can’t pretend i’m sitting on a throne rightly ‘cause we all know, from a different home, different face you could fail if you’d written songs just like me we want fairness and freedom and we got terrorists and glee club who i stole my technique from i’m underwood, stamper, meechum let the chips fall with the house of cards a fresh breeze is about to start and if i’m frank, gonna murder for gold i need a star for my balthazar we can count the stars and we can split the nukes but none of it really amounts to smarts and we can beat this drum and we can pump this blood it doesn’t mean we've got an ounce of heart pull now i'm a product yelling hands high, get them all up soul sitting in the sawdust with mother nature who we all fucked i’m usually not one for drama but in this one, i’m so caught up stairway to heaven, highway to hell and everybody boasting how their whip propels i criticize the dream, and i bought it too but i chased my own truth ‘cause i wanted to so now i’m doing all those things that i gotta do gotta tread just to stay above the water, dude rent money draining you in hype style, uh 20 years of yellow on the white tile, uh days spent tryna fight a good fight while the nights keep you buzzing, ratchet up a lifestyle, uh the school was a joke, and the dream was a con everyone always complaining about the economy a meagre job offer didn’t stroke your ego so now you’re moving, moving back in with your mom mid-life adoption, ‘cause you only had low-level options post-modern post-sec proceed with caution they indoctrinate y'all with toxins i kept my mind in the cauldron always brewing these concoctions had a badass flow but still needed a good luck hustle to avoid the top spin now my coins are all in throw them at all things to solve them except the plight of the white pickets now i’ve got a height to fall from but i'm landing in big box
Touch Down 03:08
pound it i break pavement when i touch down it’s coast to coast i run bang it i push bass i lay waste i bring panic when i drop the drums i’m worldwide, on top i’m full tilt, non stop i’m every day, i’m every night i’m heavyweight and i jet the skies these haters you can just hate me it’s motivation, you make me go to 100, like the rx that playing me 120 fps hd i point and shoot a few hundred k, what i’m poised to do that’s 180 from what i used to brew and i did it all, with nothing but noise and views and i could do it all, in a blindfold with my hands tied underwater during a recession and a landslide i’m like the flower that pushed through the cement ‘cause i break pavement when i touch down again pound it i break pavement when i touch down it’s coast to coast i run bang it i push bass i lay waste i bring panic when i drop the drums
Real 03:21
yeah, now i’ve seen behind the curtain seen in the mirror i’m more animal than person certain i’m dealing hurt with no attrition repeat the same mistakes but always wishing i was different and i hit it hard, that rock bottom that lost cause with that trough softened that broad got him that job propping that jaw dropping i stop talking i’m caught i try to give them something real now we’re dealing with the way i really feel i try to give them something real all they wanna tell me is i’m so far away from healed shining bright despite all this artificial light i'm holed up in this night hold up, how'd you think i write so boxed in i can't move i can't breathe i can't hear i can't see i can't speak my mind this time, i do it differently because evidently it's a spirit can't be crushed and there's still a few people who believe paralyzed always looking for another pair of eyes i know myselves i know that i don’t know where to find that real heart, tin man where to start, to begin again i justify this rust of lies i’m crushed and trying to move, scared to part scared to death i’m losing it more kinds of vices, i’m using it all my devices profuse with shit that i can’t wrap up and refuse to quit make mad passes, slash gashes bat masterfully, 4 hon average ty cobb on a wax planet i drop dry gobs of it off atlantis underwater, no disadvantage that’s underground, with more apparatus so i can breathe in the coldest blackness major leagues, i swim with blackfish mvp - most vast practice true perception, i’m done asking for the cognizants, i cut classics stay real, fuck status


Two new tracks and two reworks of songs from last year's Cosmos album.


released October 20, 2016

Written, recorded, produced, mixed, and mastered by Andrew Huang.


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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