Unsigned (Black Jasmine Mix)

from Hearing A Truth Serum by Andrew Huang



i'm not signed to record label, unless you count
when i put my name on my vinyl 'cause i'm lending it out
still on the internet i'm bigger than kahuna
and sometimes make it deeper than flawed scuba
heads ask how i can rap for so long without breathing
the trick is my oblong medulla
forget cheddar man, i got gouda
stocked through the shelves this week
because i shopped sooner
and found the deals on prunes and raw tuna
helping with my cents like guitar tuners
helping with my scents like not going to perfumers
some stranger miss spraying my wrist with a flavored mist?
buddy i call that dangerous
i'd rather let my pheromones dart through
yo, welcome to the terrordome, part 2
but my enemies are private, independent
unsigned like me, except i think it's splendid
suburban kids spitting gangster buffoonery
won't hone their rap craft, they only write eulogies
meanwhile i'm turning parties into jubilees
hot enough to change the temperature by two degrees
centigrade, and it's way sweeter
when i do it without the help of my space heater
bring it on a spaceship drive-by
with eyes wide shunned in favor of 2001
so-called "hot" crossovers rock talcum-y buns
i'm dropping five albums a month
i'm unsigned

i had contract from vh1, basically saying
"if you sell us your soul, you could be great, son"
and i'd already wrote them tunes, never got a dime
so there's no way my name would end up on that dotted line
though i'm hype with a pen, striking again
like a teacher's union with a vicodin bent
but for me fine art is the antidote
i don't just get on the mic, i get on the michaelangelo
i wanna make the whole world sing, like manilow
there's a breeze like the manitob- so let your banners blow
the grannies know how the anthem goes
and if they can't or don't we crush them like a can of coke
i wrote that to fuel all the oil fleets
so if you boycott, i can't collect the royalties
that's a fun time, imagining i spun dimes off of one rhyme
no punch in punch out just punchlines
vacay come find us getting our skin sundried
not true, i do this hungrier than lunch time
'cause you know i like it unsigned


from Hearing A Truth Serum, released July 20, 2011


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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