if i were a kid, still
dreaming up scheming up
ways of beaming up casts of television
into these attics
limited edition action figurines of plastic
giving me some spastic play time
i'm in the basement
i'm doing backflips
i'm in a park jurassic
growing up in the nineties
defined me as an alternative kid
my clothes shiny
hair dishevelled
i revelled in the infinite sadness
teen rebel
angst filling up the bass to the treble
a few green leaves in the kettle
wasn't 'til my twenties that i really settled
a bit of me always jittery
epitome of the awkward songster
mind a monster
recalling my ex-girl
written these songs full of acidity
when i lost her bitterly, no

but if i could go back, i wouldn't
even shouldn't
life wasn't meant to be perfect
but we put it in a box
could it be that the categories
that we scatter with ease
have been plaguing us since like adam and eve
how much do my regrets really matter to me
they all say we can learn from the mistakes
but so many people would rather see them erased
i'm leaving a trace of where i came from
what i've made, done, destroyed
the blame sometimes stings
but i have to rise above the noise
'cause there are more important things than the past to wallow in
a pill that too many are not swallowing
sometimes you have to hang up and never call again
looking at life now
you know what they say about all that ends well


from Hearing A Truth Serum, released July 20, 2011


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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