from Lip Bomb by Andrew Huang

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paid to rock stages off beaten paths/ made a lot/
keep it ash hot/ we can pass beta pop/
underground with the kids who like to datamosh/
shake a boss/ charge with the leaning of favela hop/
now seapunk and off glitch/
guess that's too many cooks in the kitsch/
more lines stamped than the books of the rich/
and i shine too bright, you keep looking for the switch/
got a technical itch, and metaphorical trigger/
bottomless abyss, this endless supply of vigor/
and it's on all the time, this is poetry in motion/
reaching you with fibre optic cable in the ocean/
travel like satellite/ grab a mic/ shatter nights/
out of sight/ chatter might damage all these acolytes/
accolades mean nothing from the wrong tongues/
i'm elevating up higher with every song sung

i'm a wildfire
still shining bright, i burn it down
i've got the light, can't put me out

hotter than a meteor that's hitting on the equator
it's d-day, we're moving like speedracers
i'm blowing up, man, i leave craters
getting more cheddar than a cheese grater
i'm in the place to be like it's green acres
you wanna battle me but i'm a peacemaker
spoonfeeding you hotness since i was a teenager
wrecking all your silverware - freebaser
i've got the kore style, duplicated
amplified, amputated
you can't erase it, like the computer made it
mind of it's own
exacerbated by the practice
artificial irrelevance runs crashless
blazing arrow, i hit the target like katniss
tracklist of wax on the axis
dreams are rich because there's money in the mattress

still shining bright, i burn it down
i've got the light, can't put me out

dripping swagu
i'm over it
guess you'd say i'm past a sauce
so legit
that's true
tracking on my macintosh
keys like rachmaninov
heads like gadzooks
please could you back it off
that's the snafu i'm always hitting like a boxer
have to
always inking like a tattoo
pull these rap truths out and don a notepad
looking like a full sleeve, proper
i write 'til it's right, write 'til it's tight
write 'til it's light, make these tracks in a night
and it's likely i might make it too cerebral
i'm more than just a party jam to boost your ego
i launch like a rocket might, blowing out the sockets when i got it
i think you know the way i drop it like

still shining bright, i burn it down
i've got the light, can't put me out


from Lip Bomb, released March 31, 2013
Written and produced by Andrew Huang.


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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