from Astrolabe by Andrew Huang

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look, i don’t give a shit about shit
except for the rhythm and melody
could i get another hit
but they don’t see how that could be legit
so i gotta play it for the suitors with their bank at the hip

you know it’s never a fair game, the mission is stairways
but i’m twisting my larynx, and hitching on airplanes
but still i'm electric, i'm ripping on airwaves
spitting rhythms that with listens are giving bad hair days

we drop on the runway, just landed at hell’s gate
though some in this locale are known to call it by L.A.
we love putting letters together - none ever spell “pay"
i had to go and do my own deals, and i dealt great

but i make shit happen
i’m destiny’s captain
when you look up from eating this dust
you’ll just see me laughing
but wait, i’ll be facing the other way, i’ll be climbing
observe in my footprints the formation of diamonds

always gotta 1-up (what up)

i could make you get down to static
kick it for fanatics, beats to the attic
half my life people have been calling me an addict
but maybe that's what happens when you’ve got the magic

it's backwards, like i'm pulling hats from a rabbit
tragic, people only recognize the habit
could i put in all of me to making something quality
and get panned, labyrinth mapped like ptolemy

offer no apologies, this is why my blood flows
brothers say it's cutthroat, study that philosophy
i'm in the monasteries investigating honesty
winners that i find i spit to twitter, so follow me

all this song and dance, a renaissance man
flow's contents evolve to walk land
got the current scene's last rites on hand
‘cause they drop like flies when i drop jams

if you've seen me maintain then you know what's up
game's straight volcano - but won't erupt
if i'm not blowing up, then no one is dynamite
i don't need to find a microphone to keep on shining bright
life give me lemons and i’ll bring them to the limelight

bump it, bump it, tracks in the hundreds
unblitzed, don't know how to act like i've done this
size up this vibe's one fits all
won't deny you, i know withdrawal
you wanna talk about how i do it
just a part of my self improvement
these dogs never learn those new tricks
gotta push forward with my music

always gotta 1-up (what up)


from Astrolabe, released December 25, 2016


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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