Mass Appeal

from Hearing A Truth Serum by Andrew Huang

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let me kick it off/
like soccer baseball/
wait/ that makes me sound a little soft/
let me kick it up/ a notch/
picking up speed/
i can kick it like the jocks/
don't talk about sportsmanship/
i'm just more prolific without forcing it to shape/
from back in the day/ when if it was too short/
you had to flip the tape/
press record and press play/
formed the best ways/
to set chords and let blaze/
a torrent of blessed craze/
dividers fell/ before the stress came/
developed my intel/ to deal with these clientele/
i collect-without trying to sell/
but sometimes these invoices stay unpaid/
for a few days/ which turns to one week/
which turns to monthly ignored reminders/
i'm hungry/ cut me the cheque from your binder/
you wanted to see some sweat/ i played a blinder/
captured by the viewfinder/
this is my daily/ i'm the sharpest grinder/
bloom like a daffodil for a crowded bill
talk to my catholic friends, i got mass appeal
so let me do this one about my rapping skill
with paper and ribbon you couldn't be half as ill

hey, let me do this right, hey

let me cook up something with a crunch/
kitchen to myself/ all these other producers are out to lunch/
talking about cheese/ but i'm a chef devout/
so knives out/ now catch the mouse/
i throw a candy rapper in the garbage/
who's all about trees/ like i'm up against a partridge/
trouble gets started/ when he's at the bar fridge/
but his ink's worse than my bubblejet cartridge/
you got a swift ride/ i'm long-lasting/
with more edge than your fingers on the cliffside/
so hands up/ lift high/
spit rhymes hotter than the lit side of your spliff, guy/
still coveting/ while you're plummeting/
and i'm reaching more heights than the summit brings/
amateurs get damaged worse/
better be bandaged/
i put your cheddar in a sandwich/


from Hearing A Truth Serum, released July 20, 2011


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

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