best friends in dead ends
eyes fed through a red lens
once had so much but we lost it
wings in a cage, clock like a faucet
could've seen a different person in the mirror
could've painted every wall with the tears
if there was ever any way out, we couldn't see
but i would do anything to free her

i'm not a woman, i'm not a man
i'm an explosion, an ocean, katana
a dose of your potion
the jonesing, the plan
engrossing, expanding
the ghost of a lamb
all to the altered altar, exalted, never falter
the priest with his palms on the psalms in the psalter
lone wolf, stone cold
i don't know how the tale ends so told

our time is gaunt but my mind can wander
that road is long but my legs are longer
no scrap to waste and no coin to squander
i'll find a hill and i'll die with honor
they can't deny me that light
that i'm trying to give a child and wife
that i'm trying to put back in a world too dark
where the only choice left is to fight
i'd die for you
to try and knock the helmet off mars


from Interplanetary, released February 25, 2015


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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