from Alloys by Andrew Huang



i don't evolve, i shapeshift
guerrilla tactics waxed, i let the kids go apeshit
i'm on some next level noise, next level
so go and tell your boys this is next level
i keep my hard drives spinning hard
hit em like a ninja star
killing it, i’m bringing every vision far out
’til the shine’s so bright you can’t see me
need a tank of oxygen and rocket fuel to reach me
working every dollar you can rustle, uh
can you hustle your way out of the hustle, uh
now i’m standing at the door with my ghost out
too bored, give ‘em something more to post about
weak ends, but they're claiming C4
if you're so blown, what are you watching me for?
well, even my haters wanna see more
hit it hit it 'til there's blood on your keyboard
ohh! typo
honestly feeling like i'm dealing with some psychos
kilobyte'll kill a biter 'til i'm feeling tighter
spill a lighter in your lap, light a bit of fire
get em higher if they get it
get em madder if they won’t
pitter patter is the sound
can you hear it? ‘cause i don't
bad vibe, mad mind, man, i’ll hit you later
no time for haters if you’re an innovator

i'll sample anything, these beats are where the dream is
maybe somebody's coming by to serve me with subpoenas
the keenest on the keys, been this way since being a fetus
even venus isn’t this hot, b you gotta recognize a genius
nobody has a mind like this, a shine like this, a prime like this
and anybody that i might dis
it's just a byproduct of a time like this
try your best, i still blow brains
haters are hot headed
they got propane in their rogain
i ditched the cocaine, switch it for some romaine
now they’ll play me in the stadium, and there's no game
feel me in the frequency of diesel
people want a superstar, i’m giving them an equal
do it from the animalian to the cerebral
like deep blue implanted in a cyborg eagle



from Alloys, released August 27, 2014


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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