Heaven (MPC1000 Mix)

from Retrospective by Andrew Huang



make the nastiest beat and i won't rhyme dirty
you won't find wordier lines than mine, surely
divine purpose to dance to, it's my journey
i might be in the club, but it might be nine thirty
and it's all love to you ladies who try and hurt me
'cause it's all love when anyone thinks i'm worthy of that
small love, i wanna arrive early
in the arms of the one i serve, you guys heard me up in h
got the cheek down now, turn the other page
coming with a beat, loud, burners in a cage
got a handle on it, the fans'll flaunt it
to take andrew's sonnets a place scandalous
box the wisdom spit, can the vomit
kids just can't quench this brand of comets

come away
a pleasure painted in the ivory
summer days
i see you on the other side of me

adonai, shadow from the heat
glad to follow these vast
and rad doctrines we've had
just passed on from the past
free all of me, majesty, honor, everlasting light
uncorruptible lord god
the colony's crashed
mad geology in columns to disprove
what in the true spirit we all believe
and sadly quality of life clad with small deceits
adds idolatry to the mixed bad theology

view a people set aside
we hide through the defiance of pride
it's ludicrous/ but a brood of vipers won't abide
to the lion of the tribe of judah
angry that a worm chewed the vine
but cities get chances/ to find the answers
you can be the branches/ stretching out across the sky
until it's rolled up like a scroll/
we wait for a city made of gold in the bitter breeze, cold/
the starry host fall like withered leaves/
rigged by the same holiest hand who shrivelled these figs/
the liturgy makes me all jittery/
man, if i don't get freedom i want liberty/


from Retrospective, released April 30, 2012


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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