Diet & Exercise

from Pintxos by Andrew Huang



now i never tried much to be a lesser size
but since 25 i can sure testify
it’s hard to stay slim without some exercise
but gym membership’s costly

i guess if i walk instead of drive i’m off to a good start
speed it up to a jog, you want a good heart
and i try to stay cautious with my sauces
i don’t even get close to these pastas
eating organic, please don’t look at what the cost is
i’m trimming inches and i’m cutting losses
you know it hurts, dinner with no dessert
and a bag lunch every day i go to work

watching all my portions
and in yoga class doing these contortions
twice a week, maybe more
since i’m getting addicted to endorphins
and expensive lotions for dealing with my poor skin
and a loofah, gotta exfoliate
gotta detox, last week i only ate kale and flaxseeds
don’t ask me, it was on a blog
so it’s not a fraud, it can’t be

i stack these recipes for quinoa and snap peas
this is low-sodium, but is it fat-free?
now i’m running more than your whole track meet
got a tandem bike, weights in the back seat
and it’s like i’ll be so lean with protein
i’m happy with turkey and egg whites only
and what’s that? is that meat?
no, dude, it’s tofu, it’s soybeans
i go through like a pack a day
with some garlic, i’ve got enzymes to activate
so true, follow that up with some juicing
and don’t ever touch gluten!
it’s so hard to leave behind the hooch
is it even too much when i’m hitting the kombuch?
i’m so stressed taking care of myself
but it’s all for the good of my health


from Pintxos, released November 30, 2015


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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