Crass Brass

from Lip Bomb by Andrew Huang



i bring this crass brass and just blast masses
scratch wax, i pack smashed glass
if you need a little needle in the stack ask
hashtagging it #fastcash
'til i'm blue label, fat cask
i turn tables, i rap vast
you want plat status, well yak yak
you trash bags are falling ass flat
i make mad dashes, slash gashes
bat masterfully, cap matches
hat backwards, head light years ahead
i make tracks like rash classics
flashbacks of brash splashes with rat packs
grass stashes turned mashed ash
last laughs inside of gas masks
but i passed class, i'm a class act
taskmaster and i snap flack
thrash chaps, i could run the game, halfback
moving dollars like nasdaq
underscored it with a laugh track
but i'm past that, trapped cats
they had golden grills and i spat plaque
and those wack acts, the newjack brats
they couldn't hack that, sat tapped
and that's that, i don't lack tack
i paint with words, basquiat
bask in the light of this flash rap
my place, we get bass jacked
matter of fact, that's a shake shack
way back, my habitat has been boom bap,
kick clap, stacks of wax on that slipmat
lashing sass the adat assassin
no slack, pal, it's like that
i make tracks wild, it's like that

i make clean schemes
sweet beats
it's the bee's knees
i sweep feet
believe me
playing nice scenes
to these rice queens
that's a meat & greet
lean machine
i breed mean routines
and stream like a speed demon
on a caffeine bean
heat the screen's sheen
i don't need sleep
why would i?
i'm living these dreams, chief

tango to fandango
this slang got sugar like a mango
bang shows with no bango
i slam those and it's rammed joe
twang honed like a banjo
produced with an ear like van gogh
i lay it all out, commando
but i still stay fly like lando
with this brass


from Lip Bomb, released March 31, 2013
Written and produced by Andrew Huang. Trumpet solos by Rebecca Hennessy.


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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