from Blaster by Andrew Huang



i need a banger, blaster
keep the crowd gassed
keep the hands up
might as well have put ‘em up in plaster
cast in the carbonite and bronze
and i’ll never melt it down
it’s a festival disaster
ready to roll
put the whole thing on castors
ship it to the studio
they all look enraptured
now i got a gallery for anything i capture or track
that’s the way i’d take to stack the views faster
i’m kooky
but i bring it resolutely
crash every computer
then i fill up all the looseleaf
next caliber
i manifest at new speeds
you could pull excalibur
you’ll never put it through me
diamonds shining
might be best under pressure
i make mint when i spit
breath has never been fresher
so let me elevate, illuminate
fluorescent professor
giving you lessons
’til you’re doing kessel runs through the kessler

i was forged in jupiter’s storms
i fought with hercules
do you even lift?
bro, i raise the mercury
explode thermometers
not known to monitor
but got 0’s and commas on odometers
i’m all day, blasting beats, i push the limit
traveling, intergalactic
it’s been a minute
run a 5-pin from an atomic clock
got this turbine to speed
with a hundred ways to spin it

i’m going up to orbit
‘cause i don’t wanna pay rent
i’ll bring a couple drum machines
and a modular synth
brain was looking like kindling
with electronics the flint
i started cutting these edicts
and i’ve been dropping them since
got the starfield screensaver out my front window
data readout spraying pixellated info
in the void, can’t go anywhere the wind blows
but nothing really antimatters if you think, yooooo

black hole sun, won’t you come
come undone
i’m stuttering
uncapped and unsung
trying to fix everything with vibrations across these stretched skins
that’s my conundrum
i punch ones and zeroes into the black mirror
eyes pushing in the ganzfeld to see clearer
gantz graf on loop in these asteroids
i’m in the airlock, about to blast noise


from Blaster, released July 10, 2017


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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