Big Box

from Cosmic by Andrew Huang

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you’re shopping in a big box
you're living in a big box
and it’s all wrapped up in big chains
connected to big locks
and you wanna wear big chains
scared of anybody with big locks
downing those big macs
no room to think big thoughts
and you go to that big church
'cause your soul'll need a lot of saving
and you go to that big work
still don't have a lot of savings
'cause you bought that big house, that big car, that big tv
full of big people saying don't dream big
just buy this shit and think just like me

and they didn't give you much of an escape route
big maze in a vault, can't skate out
streets wind like veins but there's no life laying around
they took the heart and the brain out
a real queen will never be queen bee
need to represent the average in equality
but the average’ll never be in a queen’s presence
never be royals but we'll never be peasants
packaged life, shrink wrap, handed down
i don’t belong here, man, what
music is therapy, shrink rap
but the 9 to 5 your stainless steel handcuffs
wrist wrapped in climactic chrome
the bottom’s thin but it never falls out
not all immune to that tragic zone
but a recession hits and still the balls bounce
can’t climb to the top
so we topped out in the exact middle of every graph
but on the weekend we still get the amperage blown
and take the privilege from birth cert to epitaph
i'm writing this verse on a thousand dollar phone
while i'm sitting on the can in a plane
and i'm picturing the youtube clip
and the fact that this shit’s gonna get me paid
are those laurels that i’m sitting on? might be
but i can’t pretend i’m sitting on a throne rightly
‘cause we all know, from a different home, different face
you could fail if you’d written songs just like me
we want fairness and freedom
and we got terrorists and glee club
who i stole my technique from
i’m underwood, stamper, meechum
let the chips fall with the house of cards
a fresh breeze is about to start
and if i’m frank, gonna murder for gold
i need a star for my balthazar
we can count the stars and we can split the nukes
but none of it really amounts to smarts
and we can beat this drum and we can pump this blood
it doesn’t mean we've got an ounce of heart

now i'm a product
yelling hands high, get them all up
soul sitting in the sawdust
with mother nature who we all fucked
i’m usually not one for drama
but in this one, i’m so caught up
stairway to heaven, highway to hell
and everybody boasting how their whip propels
i criticize the dream, and i bought it too
but i chased my own truth ‘cause i wanted to
so now i’m doing all those things that i gotta do
gotta tread just to stay above the water, dude
rent money draining you in hype style, uh
20 years of yellow on the white tile, uh
days spent tryna fight a good fight
while the nights keep you buzzing, ratchet up a lifestyle, uh
the school was a joke, and the dream was a con
everyone always complaining about the economy
a meagre job offer didn’t stroke your ego
so now you’re moving, moving back in with your mom
mid-life adoption, ‘cause you only had low-level options
post-modern post-sec proceed with caution
they indoctrinate y'all with toxins
i kept my mind in the cauldron
always brewing these concoctions
had a badass flow
but still needed a good luck hustle to avoid the top spin
now my coins are all in
throw them at all things to solve them
except the plight of the white pickets
now i’ve got a height to fall from
but i'm landing in big box


from Cosmic, released October 20, 2016


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

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