from Cosmic by Andrew Huang

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i’m a cannonball, neanderthal
in camouflage, on adderall
make the room bounce like it’s racquetball
make a racket, y’all, i’m coming back to drawl
a brain in the bathtub
preserve it by splashing some alcohol
the rest of me’s left in this padded stall
‘cause i’m going, i’m over niagara falls
my caterwaul reaching the ether blues
then peacing and resting in betelgeuse
i’m riding this hypervelocity star
i don’t know what you regular people do
step into my office, it’s an ocean view fitted with rockets
i’ll go to the top but who knows for how long
if i just keep knocking myself off it
i live in my own shadow
fighting a palace the size of cloud
and making your bones rattle
gripping the system and riding it loud
it’s villainous how i’m killing this
the illest - do your due diligence
my voice in the mix like a wolf
tearing the throat out these novice ventriloquists
i’m doing this like i’m trying to get sick of it
and i’m not even a little bit
i’m the dissonance in your unwillingness
’til i finish it, doing this ’til there’s just no more
no word, no sound, no style
until then, every single last one of you knows that i’m amping to go wild

still repping toronto
a link in the chain but almost beyond those
‘cause i’m trying to elevate all of us up to the cosmos
i don’t network, but i get work
i take work, i can make work
and i play first, and i don’t need nods
from venomous girls in their fake fur
i’m taking you all the way
saying what you don’t have balls to say
guess as a feminist i'll have to say
i’m saying what you don’t have vag to say
we live in a backwards age
some people can’t even get past the name
well if i get higher than highnesses
you can just call me your majesty
where my kings and my queens
your crowns, bring them to me
got you in a scaffold to a black hole
yes i’m bringing you deep
’til you wake and everything was a dream
’til you turn into something with some meaning
tearing the fabric of all your reality
better do more than just cling to the seams
eye of the needle
we’ve been painting this parable up on your easel
preach to the people, it’s easy to turn mediocre to evil
so fast, so cinch, so close, so vile
so i go hard, go real, go far, go wild


from Cosmic, released October 20, 2016


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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