there’s no power in your blackout lifestyle
but we stack mounds of false positives for white miles
and the war on drugs calls for crackdowns
while we ship toxins to africa in the background
and they want a band-aid for aids
in a place where ibrahim digs seven graves a day
sweep it under the rug, honey
’cause if you can’t diagnose it, you can’t collect your drug money
the human body is a daft weapon
probably dreaming of new days
since godly church staff repping a peaceful prince
rocking the crusades with laughs, getting off
tacked a foot in the grave to all their half-stepping
some ask what god could do
some read teleprompts and the good news
but no news reports
why so modest, b?
your toy soldiers are mostly across the sea
having a good time, having an oddyssey
trying to mesh foreigners with your foreign policy
you seem to have the answers
who would jesus rape, torture and kill in the name of democracy?
call it cross promotion
the truth march on, can’t stop the motion
i used to take lots of potion, an ocean
’til the god dropped a coast in
no shortcut cropped to kill sin
just a lifetime bought, caught rebuilding
still spin shelters, foster children
but the truth march on, won’t stop for millions
and i mean both people and cash
we fought fire with fire until we had to fight with ash

well can i just meditate to elevate this dead weight
and celebrate life, whatever fate
disseminate truth
the light's gonna shine on your better days
not just with the end of the tunnel in scope
inseminate struggle with hope
double the focus, say it like you mean it, venerate
make a clean hit like i'm pummeling soap
the light generates, emanates, radiates, beams
making great scenes on these 88 keys
please, could i have the faith to believe
there's more to this life than making money out of trees
i wanna make peace out of war, friends out of enemies
love out of every moment god's given me
all your burdens and fears, you gotta set 'em free
all your big ideas, you gotta set 'em free
all your birds in cages, gotta set 'em free
all your serfs and slaves, you gotta set 'em free
when we do this right, it looks heavenly


from The Coldest Darkness, released December 11, 2013


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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