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nobody on the field even knows my game
just wanna see the numbers underneath my name
i’ve had enough of this
coming with a sound so thunderous
got a lot of people on the ground just loving this
and while i'm not rolling in the money yet
i get enough bread that i can butter it
playing for brews, paying your dues, that's a game for fools
i fly high 'cause i'm fly when i break the rules
bring a chorale to corral them
mouth some words and drop jaws and applause in the outcome
rocking gun powder, man, you're still on the talcum
how 'bout some real bombs, let me drop another album

and yes i have a problem with the
struggling actors posing as reality
new snake oil exaggerated radically
commission salespeople trying to take a stab at me
manufactured women selling us a fantasy
i know the feeling of making choices for money
a soul that's patient and lovely
destroyed in the face of cutting some coin
it's vacant and ugly
you boys are taking it from me
what's it say about myself if the middle man is above me?
just when "artist" stopped being synonymous withs "jobless"
started cutting cheques but also had to cut some losses
hypocrisy is real, and the gall may be monstrous
‘cause you probably had to skip a pre-roll to watch this
i'm trying, i don't know if everything will be fine
but right now this how i gotta shine

i got in this for the love, everybody upholds the claim
but it’s easy to confuse it for the love of the fame
big money coming and it's running the game
mammon with ammo examining anybody who's playing
we all want to be heard, make some notable scrill
i just hope that you could all spit some poetry still
i got in this for the love, not the pay cheques
still find it weird how much i pass through LAX
pave way and now i ride the talk
i didn't do it the south side, the bronx
i didn’t do it out tryna rock the wrong crowd
who couldn’t get on down to anything outside the box
thought it was music that we cared about
you know it's more the clothes and parties that are paramount
i guess you'd say i'm wearing out
i thought it was the music that we cared about


from ★★★★★, released October 31, 2015


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

Make music everywhere.

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