Lip Bomb

by Andrew Huang

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n0va He's got an old-school sensibility - using beats to send a message - but with updated, genre-hopping tracks. While super-educated musically (weird time signatures, etc.), the Huang keeps it accessible and fun. Yay for hip-hop nerd-bros. Favorite track: Brain ft. Paul Chin.
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KONG Densely crafted and Varied Hip-Hop from Andrew Huang... I'm kind of a fanboy so i'm not gonna gush, but definately check it out. Favorite track: Suits ft. Dan Bull.
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Nina These pieces are all rhythmically catching and lyrically amazing. The stories are personal, filled with heart. The album ebbs and flows in all the right ways to capture the listener and beguile the audiophile.
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Muscle 03:26
beats bang, sweet slang get your soda filled popcorn, you know the drill 'cause as you've probably heard i drop it berserk make you robots whistle at a body of work it's not hard to outsmart you when naturally i communicate more like an r2 i'm in the cold of outer space, screaming daydreaming of the ways that i could make meaning i've got a lot of room to hustle and i've been working every muscle i'm on my glen - never too nice to splice rude studio dude brooding over every device and i can see society's piety trying to pry the keys away from us who have the size to breathe with notoriety thinking greater ever since the incubator gestate genius and use it to make dinner later put the innovator in the incinerator hardly know her - disintegrate her i've got a lot of room to hustle and i've been working every muscle
King Trash 01:25
could you tell it? i'm non-stop, not only that always go, can't hold me back rock star set, roadie act, pioneer zodiac i'm in a world of rulebooks and don't obey don't follow suits and won't go away they drive invisible lines and it's so deranged ma bicyclette, crash the motorcade and i peace but i'm showing you a world so bleak so could you have a little mercy on me so could you have a little mercy on me no team for the havoc i wreak no dream for the gold in the streak so could you have a little mercy on me so could you have a little mercy on me i'm doing this on vacation way good, made to win en francais: tres bien bring andre, the scene raving about a straight uninhibited kid that could run infinite loops so unlimited, give it a minute, oops he's light years ahead of you, so spend a few spend a lot, get it hot, better do i met him in a restaurant told him pink was the best song guess i've got my own wagon my toes dragging y'all get on i spoon fed you, spoiled you king trash to the royal you daily built it, weakly made it bring cash, i appreciate it i was never really sure i'd arrive here charging, fighting like nine years marching like i had wars to win sergeant break down the doors again for the same crowd slow growth way loud, no shows competition is so-so but i stay down king trash
Spaceships 03:52
you can have your g6/ i'm fly like spaceships/ so i'm really coming from another plane/ it's plain/ other level/ next level/ insane/ heavyweight reign with no heavy metal on a chain/ but the sound's still heavier than lemmy when he's playing/ like an axe murderer attack to the vein/ no fact further from the truth than the fame/ who's that/ never heard of her/ i'm sick of all the games/ i don't have to need a magazine/ to batter three pages of flattery/ fatten up the data stream/ sounding so saccharine/ posing with a rental lamborghini/ rental girls in bikinis/ excuse me/ models/ america's next top to get caught with a snow spot by the nostril/ would i spend this life underground/ if i were in it for anything other than the love of the sound/ hey/ look, i'm just trying to have fun/ rap on the track/ mix it down and it's done/ can't live without rhyming/ breathe without beats/ take the plunge without landing on my feet/ i'll burn tracks up like the second degree/ i'll drop verses/ like my second degree/ and i know you wanna be such an impressive emcee/ but if you get on this song you'll be second to me/ it's like boom/ ghostface kilobyte on the beat now/ vs on the mic putting heat down/ gotta make you move your feet now/ 'cause we bring it with the supreme sound/ hey/ coming from out of this world/ building steam with a grain of salt/ something out of nothing/ turning powder into pearls/ power into change/ city kids going back to home on the range/ go plebian/ bohemian/ so we begin/ living life/ no bounds/ no medians/ share the sound/ when there's no cover there's no guest list/ i could keep dreaming/ we could all get restless/ start feeling breathless/ like a tight necklace and lungs full of asbestos/ you can't even handle my deafness/ pass the mic, i could bless this/ system to eleven/ get headless/ sisters in the realm all dancing up a tempest/ but the main event is the sound/ she's the temptress/ but the main event is the sound/ no exceptions/ hey/
baskets, legendary shots drop instant classics and we can blind pass it huang on the w(rap)around, sinking (syncing) it with these joints run and gun it, i'm going up for the three-point i make it bounce, and never in poor taste samples all legal, but it's still a court case killing it, 00 up on the jersey only kids not on my team are ones who haven't heard me sick bass line (baseline), no stopping that crossover hit right off the bat wrong kind of b-ball, we don't have pitches a wizard or a genie, i'll grant you three swishes give it that swing, and i've got the hooks kicks and breaks, i don't do it by the book but i can still slam it, if you wanna play it by the rules shootin' some b-ball outside of the school i get baskets balls i dribble a little it'll titillate anybody while i'm spitting these riddles i got it all i shoot it and bank it and in that order small power in numbers, new meaning to pay it forward new player, soaring with these bumping cuts, i get air, j-jump jump it up i'm the jordan of this scene, i do it to the full and if you're saying 23 isn't the best, that's bull he got baskets fadeaway
Sand Shifter 01:48
Cool as bottles. Cold as gelato. Script with more sway than a model’s hips. You can’t follow it. Full throttle flipped in your auto. I move like a hollow tip shot from the Apollo. Breathe and swallow to maintain. Grotto to the lab cook cane for apostles. Snares set to catch kids who dawdle. Break new ground. My kicks clobber the cobble. I tip my hat to the insight innovators. Finding new ways to crash the flight simulator. This is ground control to major Tom. We don’t know the name of the place you’ve gone. So ride low. Piece out how your goodbyes go. Ready to squeeze like ladies and size O. On top of the oil drums – now that’s heavy. Flow so wet I could break the levee. Still slim but my digital tape blasts amass so much cash I’m up a new weight class. You ready?
So Look, I'm a Shark in a fistfight So much time in the Dark that I miss light and I could open the window But these Carbon life forms need filling in, though If I want this life to be taxing What I want is the last thing Got to make this beat catch But it's never ever gonna be good enough for dispatching Back to back and I'm back to the backlog laugh, detatch and fasten the padlock Only know myself through my chat logs Only know my place thanks to that clock I own five of the finest time-zones I don't believe what I need to rhyme, So potentially viral the vicinity's ill at ease RE: Producing I'm filled with virility I wonder whether I'd've already changed the world If I had hurled myself headfirst into an extrovert I'm so open minded My opinions fell out of me do I even have my own personality
Crass Brass 02:37
i bring this crass brass and just blast masses scratch wax, i pack smashed glass if you need a little needle in the stack ask hashtagging it #fastcash 'til i'm blue label, fat cask i turn tables, i rap vast you want plat status, well yak yak you trash bags are falling ass flat i make mad dashes, slash gashes bat masterfully, cap matches hat backwards, head light years ahead i make tracks like rash classics flashbacks of brash splashes with rat packs grass stashes turned mashed ash last laughs inside of gas masks but i passed class, i'm a class act taskmaster and i snap flack thrash chaps, i could run the game, halfback moving dollars like nasdaq underscored it with a laugh track but i'm past that, trapped cats they had golden grills and i spat plaque and those wack acts, the newjack brats they couldn't hack that, sat tapped and that's that, i don't lack tack i paint with words, basquiat bask in the light of this flash rap my place, we get bass jacked matter of fact, that's a shake shack way back, my habitat has been boom bap, kick clap, stacks of wax on that slipmat lashing sass the adat assassin no slack, pal, it's like that i make tracks wild, it's like that i make clean schemes sweet beats it's the bee's knees i sweep feet believe me playing nice scenes to these rice queens that's a meat & greet lean machine i breed mean routines and stream like a speed demon on a caffeine bean heat the screen's sheen i don't need sleep why would i? i'm living these dreams, chief tango to fandango this slang got sugar like a mango bang shows with no bango i slam those and it's rammed joe twang honed like a banjo produced with an ear like van gogh i lay it all out, commando but i still stay fly like lando with this brass
Dive 01:52
on since i was on all fours/ leaving pawprints/ i've been shaking this magic dust off/ the soft prince/ growing up with all of the options/ and no levee/ things never had to get heavy/ 'til i found that bass guitar/ calloused up/ palace shucked/ started to play some bars/ now i could escape the tar/ my future looking clearer than a mason jar/ i knew it/ i could prove that it could take me far/ blessed/ i never had a reason why i couldn't be the best/ my ego strutting like it wouldn't be the rest/ i'm in the lab all day and i put it to the test/ i'm doing just okay/ i shouldn't be so stressed/ 'cause it's check to the check/ if you respect it, then pay respect/ word up to the downward/ wrecked/ that's what i catch/ coming through to put a difference on the deck/ true tracks in effect/ blessed/ i never had a reason why i couldn't be the best/ my ego strutting like it wouldn't be the rest/ i'm in the lab all day and i put it to the test/ i'm doing just okay/ i shouldn't be so stressed/ i never had a reason why i couldn't be the best/ my ego strutting like it wouldn't be the rest/ i'm in the lab all day and i put it to the test/ i'm doing just okay/ i shouldn't be so blessed/
Vass Tunga 02:30
ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! have you seen me yet? and ma bicyclette? get your tools out you could come and tweak these sets i got a vicious cycle i'm riding it right though the places that i go? the kids go psycho grips in my hands, road under my feet one day we'll be taking over the streets the ramps get brought out, the jumps erupt you get air - pump p-p-pump pump it up! i'm a fellow who could settle for a special girl who pedals to the metal while her feet are in stilettos and uh, hello! let's go for a ride, you and i i don't mind if you're on a shiny ship or if it's ghetto take either, i've ridden whips, ridden beaters cruisers, all-terrains and two-seaters used to do it top speed, nobody could touch me now i'm on a chill tip, gliding on my dutchie ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! summertime treks and the brawn is back and i'm always shining when i'm on the track call it bicycle wax, because i'm digging through crates all worn out, i'm looking for new brakes too tired like i got the knock heads shocked 'cause i still never stop the rock i'm getting geared up, slick ride pops your brain might not look it, but it's off the chain i got a handle on it, so if you're feeling like i feel then i guess you're feeling wheels rolling, pedals at your heels on the real, i'm a spokesman every day i'm grinning while i'm spinning like i'm winning and it's just the beginning, i'm really living am i going a little too fast? well i'm here in the city, i'm hitting critical mass so many speeds, guess i'm still dealing with cassettes got a racket on the rack, it's ma bicyclette ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! hello, it's just me and my velo rocking a side pony and stilettos let's go, we ride these streets working our glutes, being urban athletes honky honky, beep beep beepy get on a bike and out that jeepy ding ding ding as i speed by excuse me miss - i love your ride! daisy, daisy, give me your answer, do and double up your pleasure on a bicycle built for two in tandem as we pedal it, legs spinning smooth in sweet duet take you on a ride you can't forget on my bicyclette dream cycle, gold frame, pedals to match this beast is thinner than a model and the wheels don't detach so saddle up, got a seat that's made of leather and velvet purple flames painted on the side - i'll see you in helmets ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette! ma bicyclette!
Do It 02:16
well you've got the time but you can't just do it and you've got the gall but you can't just do it well you've got the chops but you can't just do it and now the chance is gone but you wanted to do it well you've got the cash but you can't just do it and you've got the brawn but you can't just do it well you've got the dream but you can't just do it and now the chance is gone but you wanted to do it
what'd they say about sticks and stones? i might have to come and pick some bones 'cause i'm dealing with delivery that's killing me diction that makes me wanna make your script my own mad revisions, gotta tear up pages beats and bass? i've got sheets and blades i'm banging stones for flames and that's all it takes you know what? rock paper scissors and i make cold cuts i'm hitting you like a surgeon in winter a physician making incisions when you listen to this and when i'm spitting i split your limbic system kicking it to the rhythm of blades and paper i could rip it for days i gotta drop possibly unstoppable rockets i'm racking profits from rapping off of the oddest of topics and if you think that i'll stop this you've got another thing coming i'm drumming rocks and i'm pumping pulp and i'm running with scissors i'm on top you were milled up young, never had a branch your woods got stomped by the avalanche and from the rubble i rose, i'm slate and granite rock a fine flow, don't take for granted my prose never wrote bad quotes on my notepad folks gotta know that, yo, never hold back won't shine if it isn't real gold i don't bend and i don't fold you've got racks but i've got rolls you chase those stacks, i break the mold count your benjis, i can't stand it lots to lend, i got a blank canvas twin leaves of steel we ignite cut a rug beneath the bright lights just hack it, dice it, that's my advice now wrap it up, it's been a slice boom
Funk Rags 02:27
oh, you started up somewhere you gotta remember yo, i miss when cats used to rap sorta cheesy didn't stress out, we could all take it easy didn't shoot glocks, no beefs with tupac just struttin' down the street with a crew and a boom box and played it, breakin' in the afternoon sun created fresh sounds out of records that they spullll and a new movement was begun no need to get faded, we just do it for the fun, now the style's updated been shaping it a ton while i tape it and now i feel i might have really made it but you know it's never done an emcee's work is lifelong speaking from the heart, making art through tight songs peace to the peeps who get it twisted - python look, i just do it for the love! come on oh, you started up somewhere you gotta remember aww, here's a little story about a little boy never very quiet, he was always making noise tapping on the piano, and playing with his voice didn't have drums so he'd be banging on his toys rhythmic and jittery like all of the time just 3 years old and he started to rhyme learned new words and added them to his verse poor mom and dad never stopped him when he'd rehearse long car rides sitting in the backseat getting these rhymes worked out like an athlete and at the start, well they didn't sound that sweet but pre-school freestyles? that's a mad feat and it continued, he kept on practicing rhymed through his whole vocab and back again everyone kinda thought this kid was strange well it was obviously me and not too much has changed oh, you started up somewhere you gotta remember
step to the spot with my head just cocked suits wanna play when i flex this hot who's gonna pay for the mess that you want i'm an art freak but a smart geek and it's off when you offer a shred of exposure but not any dollars that back all the boasting and talk got a bit of heat so you all really want it now but come around and run your mouth, i gun it down most calls that i take go nowhere time limit on your deal, i'm so scared i don't do it for the fame, i don't do it for the fans i don't know what made you think that i'll do it for the man just wanna make earhole candy and i'm doing it as fast as can be and i'm doing just fine and dandy wanna play? better up that ante i know you think you know what we'd do for that gold your talk is cheap and old so please just save it "hey dan, we're loving your music and we're looking to use it can you come into london on tuesday? for a chat and a couple of brews is two convenient for you? cool, i'll see you soon!" tuesday comes, i arrive in london rising price: £99, £100 girl at reception hurling the question: "we can't seem to find your number" i hate this power play, i wait an hour late and now he says: "hey david, wow, it's great to meet ya! we wish to feature your band in our plans in the distant future cheers dave, that's it, now see ya!" you what? this is the meeting? you've already finished with speaking? you better give it a rethink i'm a minute from screaming look, i wake up really early and came all the way here from birmingham paid my way, it was dear in sterling i may as well have been burning them this is a lesson i'm learning: give and get zip in return with them screw suits, producers, what are they selling? all the cash and none of the talent i know you think you know what we'd do for that gold your talk is cheap and old so please just save it
Wildfire 03:12
paid to rock stages off beaten paths/ made a lot/ keep it ash hot/ we can pass beta pop/ underground with the kids who like to datamosh/ shake a boss/ charge with the leaning of favela hop/ now seapunk and off glitch/ guess that's too many cooks in the kitsch/ more lines stamped than the books of the rich/ and i shine too bright, you keep looking for the switch/ got a technical itch, and metaphorical trigger/ bottomless abyss, this endless supply of vigor/ and it's on all the time, this is poetry in motion/ reaching you with fibre optic cable in the ocean/ travel like satellite/ grab a mic/ shatter nights/ out of sight/ chatter might damage all these acolytes/ accolades mean nothing from the wrong tongues/ i'm elevating up higher with every song sung i'm a wildfire still shining bright, i burn it down i've got the light, can't put me out hotter than a meteor that's hitting on the equator it's d-day, we're moving like speedracers i'm blowing up, man, i leave craters getting more cheddar than a cheese grater i'm in the place to be like it's green acres you wanna battle me but i'm a peacemaker spoonfeeding you hotness since i was a teenager wrecking all your silverware - freebaser i've got the kore style, duplicated amplified, amputated you can't erase it, like the computer made it mind of it's own exacerbated by the practice artificial irrelevance runs crashless blazing arrow, i hit the target like katniss tracklist of wax on the axis dreams are rich because there's money in the mattress wildfire still shining bright, i burn it down i've got the light, can't put me out dripping swagu i'm over it guess you'd say i'm past a sauce ragu so legit that's true tracking on my macintosh keys like rachmaninov heads like gadzooks please could you back it off that's the snafu i'm always hitting like a boxer have to always inking like a tattoo pull these rap truths out and don a notepad looking like a full sleeve, proper i write 'til it's right, write 'til it's tight write 'til it's light, make these tracks in a night and it's likely i might make it too cerebral i'm more than just a party jam to boost your ego i launch like a rocket might, blowing out the sockets when i got it i think you know the way i drop it like wildfire still shining bright, i burn it down i've got the light, can't put me out
twist and shout you know you twist so fine come and twist a little closer now well, shake it up, baby, now shake it up, baby twist and shout, twist and shout come on, come on, come on, come on, baby, now come on and work it out you know you twist so good you know you got me going now well, shake it up, baby, now shake it up, baby twist and shout, twist and shout come on, come on, come on, come on, baby, now come on and work it out
Black Lurch 01:15
black lurch, hack set, shellacked church still clipping the breeze back to lack wet knots where the dragnets perch and these wax arms and tithes convert research to psalms and bribes i stack words instead of paper complex method of mirth, but no vapor close shaver, cop the tangerine-flavored can of cream safer with a sampler and a tambourine no brainer, solo creator a man of these ways still wants you to show favor bless now, i'm planning to grow later mess 'round midnight now with no savior yeah, my nebula found in cold secular sound to hold better a downed veteran heaven to ground i revel in alpha omega look out, the whole regular council's so devilish now i make them all pay a premium pushing medium material to tedium feeling greedy when there's cheques involved but i coast, it's too easy to impress you all i make the most, but i don't make the most of it the sound's what i love, but the love's what i covet i'm building apexes on the summit - flex accelerating, but it doesn't cut it - vex
Takeoff 02:02
i got the phone call i gotta start screening these i don't want your contracts i don't speak legalese i don't want your contact i was thinking we could ease off 'cause i'm off that squeeze with your dead ends business: bread friends trying to make me see the fees we all have dreams let the floor see some knees greedy of me to launch the escape pod nah, i've got things to do - takeoff come on, i haven't even made it you just see the numbers on my playlist want a friend to play with i won't even debate it we used to say that we had something but we were also all faded i changed paths and it changed my life wish it were quicker but i finally found the way, the light meanwhile you've lost your chops, it's the strangest sight i make the sickest cuts and it doesn't take a knife i take off
hey, i like a girl with a big brain a different kind of insane in the membrane quick game, picks up what i put down it does a lot of good, now - look out! i know it's the absurdest i want a nervous system that makes me nervous like she's too smart, she knows all my purposes where i've got air i think she's got circuits it's crazy, she won't play me unfazed by the flash and the hype, that's my kind of lady call it cold, but i'll take a brainfreeze over a fake tease any day, please, big brain me we make fashion with these strange patterns brain is the new black - but grey matters 'cause on the runway, i don't see them i need a phenom with a nice cerebrum lots of love living in her ventricles pump to her her brain, that's why she's so sensible the logical knowledge beneath her follicles is plentiful that's why this verse was an eventual reality no tv, uh, she reads for real fun her mainstream media: encyclopaedia and you know she only spell it with that 'ae' i'm in syncope for my brainy lady and maybe she feels the same way i'm getting swept up under them brainwaves if the internet's an information superhighway then she could be the streets, alleys, and laneways she's nerdy, wordy, straight up otherworldly spits nothing but genius from behind them pearlies expanded my whole universe like a big bang i like a girl with a big brain had enough of the chemicals that bang me up and now i put the bass in her basal ganglia tracks on her axon, i stack songs like spines so turn the music back on she got a quick wit, she got a fine cap we're together, lying back with my eyes half closed she makes me feel weightless like if i'd grab z's in a spaceship synapse tell em i'm shelling for cerebellum i'm magellan, hitting hemispheres well into any relevant melon and maybe it's not quite unanimous my analysis: your mind's extravagant bright and fabulous, it's no accident i'm so ravenous, hypothalamus your cortex is a vortex i'm maxing with look - i like a girl with a big brain she's got that brain that retains wisdom, fun facts, and knowledge uses proper grammar, her taste is quite polished acknowledge she could demolish your college library consumes all things literary what's your favourite book? she probably read it already immersed in it wholly, cheeks all rosy, snuggled all cozy, take it in slowly yeah, she run a book club, and i might go write love letters on paper that's recycled cycle through my rough drafts like a psycho cause she'll shut you right down over a typo she could be the one, shows me facts are fun son, that's one conundrum she's undone stunned by her shelf game, weigh bout one ton that's my hun; she could get it, semicolon pun yeah, i be that dude with the starry eyes for the girl teaching me about the starry skies the astronomy major with the legs like lasers who's into writes thesis papers til the morning light. yeah, when we meet, i can be set free she gets me, it's like esp before we met, i always thought i was the brainy one but this noodle's no match for that cranium this ivy leaguer got an iv java drip so she can stay up coding that javascript she's got an algorithm to find a radical dude and her hair might usb comaptible too we box with rooks, and we're talking box i think we've got chemistry, but she's the cook just gotta convince her i'm a standup guy 'cause i like big brains and i cannot lie
Over 03:49
for the outcasts, loners, losers, the drifters art freaks and geeks, the graveyard shifters moving in the dark of night, nothing good can spark a light only drives you farther like until none of the stars are bright how do you find a shadow in a shadow how do you find the time to breathe in a battle why do they say that that anything in this life is hallowed when we spend our only free time changing channels they didn't used to have a drug for this now the pharmacy's having to fuss with lists side effect flex to crush your wits cruxes split, well nobody signs up for this can't cut weight, your brain aches, your blood drains can't change enough, blame reuptake pain is your baseline now, it's unreal and yet in so many ways, you can't feel will i make it over again? not enough sleep, that's bad too much caffeine, that's bad these dark thoughts swirling and you're picking at the scabs and you lash out at the only love that you have still just a rat in a cage somehow made numb by your rage the anxiety and panic, it won't stop and no one understands, so you don't talk wrote some tracks and they're mostly flat spat with soul once, now it's the ghost of that brood like a clutch, these explosions hatch you find a drink, find a pill, and you throw them back you find a way, find a will, but it's fleeting you've lost count of the days and you're still not eating too much time to realize there's no meaning too much time to realize there's no meaning will i make it over again?
Rachel 01:45
never was the kid with the 8-track/ but a 1-track/ mind/ you can’t sate that/ and a cassette double deck for the playback/ wouldn’t ever let me down/ before i had the sickness/ i had the remedy spending these mornings just emulating melodies heard off the radio/ sung anthemically/ even angelically/ couldn’t try telling me to press stop working these so low fidelities/ unless it was time for the overdubs/ twenty years go by, haven’t sobered up/ sines my only drug/ why would i ever cut/ asked like suicide counselor/ i wasn’t the mark, but i was around her/ they gave her labels, bottles over the counter but underneath the table/ she still hid the ink of a scar/ we used to sing in the dark/ by the swings in the park/ i was into her heart/ but you know back then everything was a spark all i know is that we lived for music/ for me, as the reckless and wry/ made me measure up, made me a sensitive guy/ the greatest pleasure in my world/ gave me pressure to thrive/ but for her it was the only thing that kept her alive/ strung along on violin strings she didn’t have a life of violent things/ not in the physical/ but in the family emotions and rituals it got critical/ impossible/ couldn’t believe what was hitting my optical/ trips to the hospital/ tired eyes/ both of us/ two bouts of new scars/ cigarettes in her blue mouth/ and then the story stops/ tuned out/ they packed up real fast and just moved south.and the only thing i have left is a memory/ so steadily sealed in a melody/ she had a tendency to get lost come back, girl
February 03:13
it's been a hard week, feeling a similar heartbeat visiting them in the marquis, illness a villain in all streets endless dependent on our sweet sentiment, spent at the start we could argue in small leaks to part you from imminent intimate insolent impotence into the dark, i live for the card play deal with anything real, and cut to the chase to feel the healer's grace waste away for later days we change the face to face the change and pay the price to sway the life these dates arranged you're brave but nice, so play the game i might have made a mite mistake to my dismay but i've been gray for long enough and grateful to the up above, no difference does it make believe it 'cause it's fake, the feeling of being the fleeing chameleon dreaming even of stealing what's realer than demons to seal the agreement that's keeping me in reality seeing these paths move past 'til i've passed my chances hoped you'd be asking me then to spend forever pretending nothing could sever us and our bretheren, together again better than friends, never could end, etcetera sense is telling me hence that every enemy's headed against the several levels unsettled to stretch and defend metal will bend, but my disheveled special's to meddle with ends to make them meet, to cater to you and me this late opportunity's laid to scrape for unity to pay for doing these disgraceful paper proofs when greed outweighs the greater truth that i was made to wait for you different's infinite, living in open emotions and poems showing up old, losing the heartache, consoled withering mandate, let's roll out of the landscape uphold, following plans made each and each and every day becoming clearer in the mirror river running washing the caution off him offering hot drinks and lozenges armies still marching forward from offices torn to the ground, number the pound under the brown soil another one of the towns come to me now, come to me now countries avowed, nothing allowed jumping around, something's unsound running for crown, gunning me down i'm in a manic amendment condemning me medical minutes unmade in amenity maybe the man'll be mad at me after he's happened to catch it's the passion that's sending me better be every enemy's dream friend never can justify means, ends are means in themselves words on the sheets, and sheets in the shelves she couldn't tell, wouldn't or shouldn't just see for herself and whatever else i'm under the spell, she casts and catches actions packed to drag me back to feeling the feeling that's bringing me into affinity lacking sleep and starving, flat's a piece of garbage tracks are weak, dishonest, back a week, i've lost it bragging feats of posits, can't compete with all this haven't been to cross the scenes i've often dreamed you call this a part of me, it's not just the start of falling off the wrong side of the sky who held me me up for stars and way too long but after all, all i wanna do is play you songs and just sleep tight


Featuring tracks created over a period of ten years, LIP BOMB is my all-encompassing rap record, flavoring hip-hop with everything from dubstep to funk to electro and touching on topics like the music industry, lost love, suicide, depression...and bicycles.


released March 31, 2013


all rights reserved



Andrew Huang Toronto, Ontario

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